The Complete Elements Series- Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The Complete Elements Series- Earth, Air, Fire, Water


This is the COMPLETE Elements Series.
This series was created to be a visual awakening, a representation of the 4 main elements of life- EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER.
This wall art is a beautiful daily reminder and inspiration to:
EARTH- connect with nature
AIR- seek out new experiences
FIRE- thrive with passion
WATER- calm the storm

When you embrace all 4 elements this allows you to live a life that's beautifully balanced and feels whole.
These whimsical watercolor elements and their symbols symbol are showcased on 8x12 metallic prints, which are matted up to fit an 11x14 frame (frames NOT included.)

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To read more about how these elements can positively impact your day to day life and why it’s so important to have a visual reminder click here!

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