The Dark Beauty

Photography Workshop

and Portfolio Builder

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When: Saturday, Oct 26 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Where: We will travel with 2 different experienced models to 4 different unique locations ranging from Burtchville - Downtown Port Huron Michigan, rain or shine.

Who is this for: Photographers, Creatives, Beginners, Professionals looking to add emotion, drama, depth, movement, a story, and their own personal voice to their images. This was built for artists seeking a unique edge to their work and are not afraid to get there by embracing the dark, different, or weird sides of creativity. There are ONLY 10 spots available.

Gear Required: Phones, Film Cameras, Polaroids, Full Frame DSLRs built like tanks. If it takes a picture you have the right gear.

Why: Images are more powerful when they have a voice, when they have purpose, when they are meant to matter. Embracing “darker” aspects of life in a way that’s both visually and emotionally beautiful allows your image to speak. Dark Beauty is more than just a style, goth wardrobe, or spooky location- it’s precisely chosen details that when together tell a story, evoke emotion, and asks more of us, more of our work, more of our clients, and more of the viewers. It asks us or them to engage (perhaps with ourselves, each other, or with the image), to wonder, to look deeper, to feel, to escape, to accept. Dark Art when paired with beauty (which is open to interpretation to the creator) allows us to take the mask off and be honest about life and ourselves, which calls for vulnerability, which then allows for connection and trust, and it is only in this space that true art can be created.

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What’s included:
Morning coffee
Info + Reference Packet to take home
Discussion on the emotions and execution of Dark Beauty Art
What to look for with body language and facial expressions
Technical camera insights about lighting, settings, editing, etc.
Tips on how to create, build, and tell a story through a series of images
When to get weird and how to use make up, every day items, miscellaneous props, and satire in your images.
2 models
4 unique wardrobe changes
4 different shooting locations (natural - urban)
1 of a kind, custom, hand built set
Unique “props” to incorporate
Secrets revealed about my fav local hidden shooting locations
Shooting Time (Guided and Experimental)
Dark Beauty Images to add to your Portfolio
Question, Answer, Discussion Time
Tons of laughs, experimenting, and overly excited commentary and encouragement from your coffee infused teacher


Details of the Day:

This Workshop is designed to equip you with the right techniques and mindset to give either you as the creator, or your client / subject in the image, the ability to SAY something in a way that feels deep and is powerful. You will leave with not only stunning images to add to your portfolio but also the understanding of what separates just a “dark” or black and white photo from a mysterious, moody, and surreal piece of art.

8:30 - 9:30 am:

We will start the morning off with coffee and chit chat, discussing WHAT, WHY and HOW. What is Dark Beauty, why we even have the desire to make dark images in the first place, how to achieve the look in a balanced yet dynamic way, and how these images can be used to give our work deeper meaning, create more impactful pieces, and dig below just the surface of taking a nice picture. For the photographers in the room we will also discuss how this will drastically enhance our portfolios, give our work and experience a higher value, and how the process behind Dark Art can help ourselves (if we are self portrait artists) or our clients with creating more expressive portraits.

10:00 - 12:30 am:

We will travel to 4 locations, ranging from Burtchville to Downtown Port Huron (1 being a hand built set out in the woods) where we will focus on location scouting, lighting, wardrobe, movement, emotion, and overall aesthetics. We will build the story of our images as we walk through graveyards, 8ft drain pipes, dark forests, and more.

1:00 - 2:00 pm:

We will regroup for the last hour to talk about our experience and so I can answer your personal questions.

I want you to visualize:

a space where you are surrounded by like minded, open minded artists just like yourself! This is a space where nothing is wrong and experiments and getting a lil weird is encouraged. This will be a very hands on, educational, yet laid back setting. As your teacher I will be there to guide, make suggestions, and answer any questions you may have- but think of this time and this space as your studio, filled with paints and brushes for your canvases, your mystical playground, your eclectic typewriter on a desk waiting to be used.

Don’t stress thinking you will have to fight for your time to shoot with a model, time will be set aside for you. The intimate sized group will allow us to work together and separately seamlessly.

I can’t tell you exactly what Dark Beauty portraits you’re going to create this day because this is YOUR time and YOUR story to tell. You will have the opportunity to work with models in different wardrobes, at different locations, with different props, and be able to request different poses and moods from them so the images you create speak to you and are unique to your individual style and vision. Does that mean you’ll feel lost? No. That’s the feeling of artistic freedom!!

Dark Beauty Workshop Detroit Michigan
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Your Teacher:

Photography Teacher.jpg

Hey! I’m Autumn Janelle. At my core I am an Artist and a Dreamer, through and through. Stick a label on it (I hate labels) and I am a Self Portrait Artist that is in a constant desire to create and express myself. I ran a Portrait Studio that I built from the ground up for almost a decade- AJBC Photography where I became an Awarded, Published Photographer that was well known for custom, artistic portraits and giving a high end, adventurous photoshoot experience. This was my full time job and life before transitioning to Autumn Janelle / Where It’s Always Autumn, where I now focus more on living a highly creative yet balanced life while encouraging others to reconnect with nature and live their dreams! My favorite work to create is Dark Beauty Portraiture but ironically I’m very happy and bright in real life, so expect a lot of laughs and energy from me! I talk more dark art and how I discover myself and cope with emotions through self portraiture in this blog. I truly believe Art is for everyone, at any level, and it is the most natural, simplistic way to beautifully yet boldly give ourselves a voice and express ourselves in a way that’s therapeutic, life changing, and inspiring to not only ourselves but others. It’s a way for us to rebel from ourselves and from societies standards that life is to look a certain way, to be lived a certain way. If the world is looking to give us hell for being who we truly are, then I guess we are the hell raisers, not fighting fire with fire to win, but to feed our flame with our true, soul centered passion and an artistic means to not only tell others about it, but to help them do the same.

If you still have questions please don’t be shy! I would love to talk to you more about this!!

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