There's never going to be enough time, deal with it.

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Stop dreaming about the dream life.

For years I wasted a lot of space in my journals writing about not having enough time. Pages and pages dedicated to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, yet always hopeful things were about to change. Constantly thinking once we finished our latest project we would get our life back, we would get our time back.

I yearned for lazy days, stupid tv shows, time to paint, getting outside, picnics with picnic baskets, starting a fire and reading a book.

Don’t make your strengths into your weaknesses

At 20 years old my husband and I finished building a house with our own two hands, hugely motivated and a little oblivious. We worked every night after work and every weekend on this house until we got married. Our lives would continue in this beautiful chaos for years... The mindset that we could accomplish anything was ingrained in us, and it would never go away. A blessing and a curse.

You see... once you realize you can achieve anything you put your mind to a whole new world opens up to you. But I'm not going to lie, that realization can also be the one thing that will slowly break down your sanity.

Should we hire someone to wire the whole house? No. We can learn how. And we did. Is it possible to redo all the wooden floors in our 3,200 square foot home? Yeah, we'll be weekend warriors and figure that one out. Do we know anything about living off grid? That's why they made Google. And then we bought a 192 square ft tiny house with no plumbing, electrical or water.

I look back on the things we've done ourselves and I'm proud. I look at the things we talk about doing and I'm excited. But while I'm living in that moment of go go go go I get totally overwhelmed and I think to myself, never again.

But... as my dear friend Melissa Snyder has taught me... Mess and Masterpiece go hand in hand. Boy do I know that all too well now. Seek harmony, not Balance, she said.

Break the cycle

Somehow, after 10 years, I broke the curse. For the first time about 2 months ago I wrote in the pages of my journal that I finally had time. I was blown away and a little shocked at myself. I had made it out alive. But here’s the thing… I hadn't gained an extra day or extra hours. We all have 24 hours in those 7 days that make up a week. We were still traveling, working, playing, living, tackling house projects, so… what the hell happened?

It was just how I was using my time and structuring my day. I started to think about myself and my own sanity over my to do list. I moved things around in my brain, putting happiness at the forefront and projects at the back. I tried, really, really hard to change what I didn’t like about my life instead of being prisoner to it. It was hard, it was uncomfortable, it felt wrong, I felt lazy, it took discipline, it took a lot of self realization and determination to not fall back into old patterns, but I can tell you that struggle was worth it.

Listen, you’re never going to have enough time. You’re human with an over active, creative brain with dreams, responsibilities, and curiosity. Deal with it. And I DO NOT mean get used to it. I mean, seriously, deal with it.

Fight for what you really want. Tell yourself when you’re living your life wrong, then

tell yourself how to be a fucking phoenix and rise from those ashes.

If you’re lost on where to start here are 10 small ways to take time out for yourself.