Using nature to keep your mind in balance

Finding balance in nature.PNG

Here’s to helping you tap into your inner Mother Nature Goddess to keep your life in balance!!

   When the storm of life hits I find calm in nature. I just feel like it’s the one place I know I belong. And I should, because I do- and so do you.  
   Going outside isn’t always quiet, but it’s a different quiet than indoors. You swap the hum of your refrigerator for bird chirps, you replace the air conditioning blowing for real wind brushing up against the leaves of the trees, and the music that nature makes on a rainy day beats out all other sounds created by man.
   What’s amazing to me is how chaotic the indoors can feel when in fact there’s so much more actually happening outdoors. Outside, constantly, something is growing, hunting prey, finding food, making food, giving birth, taking a life, preparing for the next season, building a home, traveling. And with all of that happening it’s amazing to think being in that environment feels 100 times more free and calm then being indoors some days. Inside the tv talks, the phone dings, the computer glows, voices, lights, life, opinions, rules, timelines... it’s all indoors. But what’s really happening? Unplug all of it and it will instantly die. The phone, the tv, the clock, social media... Oh the irony of it all. We deal with so many things in our every day lives that are dead and oddly enough these soulless items can take so much from us, either that or maybe we’re just giving too much to them.
   When you step out into nature, a grand living being, and it asks nothing of you except for kindness and respect, it’s a very grounding, reassuring feeling.  They say taking your shoes off and just standing on the earth can actually ground and balance your body. There’s endless studies, blogs, and books written on the subject- it’s called Earthing or Grounding and they say the negative electrons of the Earth are being transferred from the ground to you, balancing out the positive electrons in your body. Science aside- I know stepping outdoors, especially barefoot, and feeling that connection through my body and my soul,  it at least balances my mind.
   There are days when I think to myself- I want to run off into the woods and live there. Do you ever feel that way? Then I realize- that idea only sounds dreamy in theory because we are lucky to live in this modern world. When I think about hiding out in a cabin in the woods I know I can still run to the grocery store when I’m hungry, and I won’t die when winter comes if my garden sucked. And we’ve had a lot of bad gardens before. Take this year for example- we’re dead. In reality I know- it’s that balance I crave.
   The next time you feel overwhelmed I want you to try 1 of these 3 things:


Take your shoes off and go stand outside. If I’m going to be picky I would prefer it to be in the grass, in the woods, heck, even on a dirt road. My point- I feel like standing in the middle of Time Square might not have the same effect, but I could be wrong! Walk around and be present in that moment, exactly where you are. Actually LOOK at what is around you instead of letting it pass by you in a blur. Notice the small details and really think about them. When it feels right stand still, close your eyes and just breathe. Deep. Actually feel he fresh air flood your lungs, and when you exhale REALLY exhale. Deep. And allow all of your muscles to melt. Consciously feel your body relax. And just take in how good that feels. Try to clear your mind as much as possible, for as long as you need, and when you’re ready, open your eyes and see how you feel.


Lay in the sunshine: Find a spot on the beach, in your lawn, on a park bench, or a blanket and tilt your head up to the sky. Allow the sun to warm your skin and really be aware of your body. Not only is the Vitamin D going to be awesome for you, so is that feeling of warmth wrapping around your body. Take some time to breath like I mentioned above before you run back indoor.  

let Go:

Play in the rain: This is the best for 3 reasons. First- why not? At what age do we decide it’s no longer fun to go outside and get wet or even dirty? And why do we get scared of things that don’t matter- like getting our hair wet? It will dry, try to get over it. If you’re someone like me who used to be crazy about having perfect hair and always wearing makeup, I can tell you from experience how freeing it is to go outside and let go of what truly doesn’t matter for a moment. Next- You did this as a kid. When you revisit those child activities as an adult those joyful, carefree emotions flood back into your body, reminding you to let go and to hopefully stop being such a grown up every damn day. And lastly- there’s something so refreshing and cleansing about rain hitting your face as it falls from the sky. Take your shoes off, go outside, tilt your head up, and let that rain water fall onto your face. This will easily wash away your stress before you go back inside.

If it’s not nice outside and standing barefoot on the ice with snow hitting your face doesn’t sound like your thing, then bring the outside in if you can. Do you have a space where you can go to to be calm? You need one! But that’s another story for another time!

These tips are tiny, I know, but sometimes it’s the smallest actions that can make the biggest changes.