How waking up 30 mins early can change your whole day, maybe even life!

It used to be that if I had to be somewhere at a certain time I used to budget just enough time to wake up, get ready, drive there, and arrive, on the dot. This left no room for error, or even breathing most days. It almost always resulted in me being late, and it surely didn’t ever allow me any time to myself before I started the day. I woke up ready to grind and kept that rhythm the whole day.

It began to get exhausting, draining, and depressing. On my busy days, or better yet, busy weeks, I would wake up, work, get house chores down, unwind for 30 mins at night to eat dinner, go to sleep exhausted, repeat.

 My first thought wasn’t to wake up any earlier than I had to, until I realized… I needed to start my day a different way. I wanted to start it breathing calmly, doing something I enjoy, something for myself before I went out into the world and gave my all to my clients, employees, friends, and family.

I had thought it was selfish and serving me to sleep in, that it felt good, but then I really thought about it… I was getting enough hours of sleep every night and honestly, you’re pretty much dead to the world during sleep. I wasn’t setting time aside for myself by sleeping, I was taking time away from myself.

So I started waking up 30 mins before I needed to. Then an hour. Then 2. And when I was doing my own personal 7 Day Challenge of waking up at 5 am I was getting up a good 4 hours before any to do lists or responsibilities kicked in.

My love for living out things that the world romanticizes leads me to a dark quiet living room, good coffee, candles lit, and writing most mornings. Waking up before sunrise- something just feels primitive and simplistic about it, like I literally woke up before the rest of the world, or the world itself. I know I can't see anything but the world just feels beautiful.

So what if tomorrow you woke upon 30 mins earlier? What would you do, how would this improve your whole day? How could it possibly even change your life?

In case you’re feeling lost on what to do-

Here are my Top 10 Morning Routines to inspire you to get up and start enjoying this new time you created just for yourself.

1- Totally just feel free to copy my morning aesthetic. Haha

Dark, quiet room, twinkle lights, your fav coffee or tea, no plans, no expectations. This is truly an opportunity to be mindful and in the present moment. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, or what you need to do in 30 mins, just be in the present and realize in that moment everything is perfect.

2- Eat breakfast.

How many of you are totally skipping this meal!? It’s amazing what we’ll prioritize over fueling our bodies…

3- Meditate.

In case this is new to you or you feel like it’s just too far out think of it as a time to just be calm and peacefully think.

I have actually put together a free gift for you that you can get here which involves a Mini Meditation if you don’t know where to start!

4- Journal.

Release emotions, make an “I am thankful for” list, get creative, doodle, or just let your brain flow. Writing is a great way to start the day grateful and not weighed down.

5- Learn something new.

Take the time to read, watch a YouTube video on something of interest, read a blog or physically practice a new skill you're trying to master. 30 mins 5 days a week is 2 1/2 hours of “study time” you didn’t have before!

6- Work out.

Go to the gym, do yoga, go for a walk. This is a great way to instantly boost your energy!

7- Make a game plan.

If your day feels overwhelming, planning it out in a way that feels manageable totally helps you take on the day! Get your day organized in the beginning before chaos strikes. And the opposite is true, if you feel like the day holds no purpose, or you spend your days running around in circles but never actually accomplishing anything (this is a huge one for those of us who are self employed) making a to do is a great way to make sure you take specific action towards growing your dreams and reaching your goals each and every day.

8- Get caught up.

Was there one tiny thing you needed to do last night but were too tired to do? Get it out of the way right away in the morning. You then have the whole rest of the day to tackle new projects, and not be concerned about the past. This also helps the night before. If you’re tired and just want to take a second to relax before bed remind yourself you have that time in the morning to get caught up and it won’t put you behind the next day.

9- Make your bed.

This seems ridiculous but studies say if you hop out of bed and make it you will start your day off with a feeling of accomplishment that will hold with you for the rest of the day. Seems silly but it's true. And it feels good to crawl back into at night as well.

10- Know that there is no right or wrong answer.

This is YOUR time! That's the best thing of all. It's YOUR time you set aside for yourself. Conquer the world or be totally lazy. Realize that on any other given day for these 30 mins you would normally be sleeping, doing nothing. Allow yourself the freedom to fill this NEW time with ANYTHING that is certain to make the rest of your day better, and know that it looks different for everyone.

Tomorrow wake up 30 mins and report back to me. What did you do? How did it effect your day? How did it make you feel?