Fall Road Trip around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Mountains. Waterfalls. Forests. Crashing Waves. Secluded beaches. Coffee shops. Breweries. Ghost Towns. Freedom.

Michigan Upper Peninsula Road Trip.PNG

Calm down! I haven't even told you where we're going yet! I want you to guess first!

Ok..... I'll give you a second.

Times up.


Yeah... I said it.


You don't believe me? It sounds like West Coast, meets East Coasts, meets everything awesome everywhere? Exactly.

My husband and I went on this trip Fall 2018. I want to break the whole 8 day road trip down for you incase you want to do the same loop we did, maybe just hit your fav spots, or just look at how beautiful nature and this state can be!

I thought about the best way to tell you about this trip and I decided I'm going to break each major highlight up into it's own entry. I don't want to overwhelm you! They'll all be linked here and you can easily follow them from one to another.

Here's a quick overview of what you're going to get to explore

(P.S. thanks for being patient as I get all the entries up! Ones that are complete are linked below):

Getting to the Upper Peninsula: Lexington, Grayling (downstate)

Munising (Pictured Rocks)

Marquette (Presque Isle Point)

Houghton, Hancock, Copper Harbor

Ontanogan (Porcupine Mountains)

Getting home: Lake Kitchen-iti-kipi to Mackinaw

We've been to a lot of cool places, we've seen a lot of awesome stuff! Climbed giant Sequoias in California, hiked miles in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, hunted for waterfalls in North and South Carolina, ran through canyons out west, lived the city life and ate amazing food in Europe. Everything we've been chasing after in all these other places ended up being in our own backyard. The amount of awe I am in with my home state is shocking! Normally this is where I would say I can't wait to go back, but I don't need to, I'm already here. You should come visit me!

Ok, so are you ready? Let's get started! Click here to adventure into Day 1…